vineri, 13 februarie 2009

Revolutionary Road

The movie describes very realistically a couple linked by no profound connection. They are just two partners that live in the same house, have two children together, define themselves some external common objective and fight like husband and wife. Other than that, there is not moment of intimacy, nothing truly personal in the relation besides impersonal hatred and theatrical passion.

The two believe themselves to be very special and they consider to be living in the middle of totally un-interesting people. He does not know what is its true talent, but he suspects he has one because it is not possible that he would be destined to have such an un-interesting live. She thinks to be an actresses but she has no success in the plays she occasionally gets a part.
Both believe that they have lost the chance to do something special because they married, had children and he had to take a job that bores him to death. Of course the reasoning is correct; their life has changed because they assumed some responsibilities that, in turn, made it impossible for them to follow their dreams.

What is surprising is the incapacity of the two to define themselves without using spectators. When they talk about themselves in intimacy, they are naked and extremely predictable. For example, he considers he felt alive when he went fighting on the war, and she felt alive when she has made love fist time with him. So death an sex is what makes them feel alive, quite difficult to build a life on this.

As a consequence, they had to find something to make them feel alive and as inside themselves is mostly fog, what remains are the spectators. So both our heroes construct for themselves a public image of non-conformists and they are terribly glad that they seem to be smarter than all the others. Practically they do nothing else but lying better than most…

The irony of the situation is that the two are just two common people, predictable and monotonous. As long as they played by the rules, they managed to build a house, get a car, get a job and raise two children. They could be happy if they could not feel so special and as a direct consequence, be unhappy that they have a common and normal life.
Of course, the two manage to make their lives a living nightmare, accusing each other to be: he – a coward incapable of breaking free of the common life they lead and her – an unrealistic person that wants impossible things.
At this point she has a bright idea: move to Paris where she will get a job and he will have the time to think what he wants to do. The best part of the plan is that all the others show their envy when they hear about it. They envy the lucky ones that will move to Europe and will have such an interesting life. This reaction of the others seams to give a special value to the plan… The two discovered a common objective that gives them a ‘cool’ public image and as a result they are happy.

The move is not the story of the couple jumping into the unknown and landing with luggage and illusions in Paris, but to his abandonment in favor of a better paid job. His decision is unbearable for her but she will not try in any way to follow her dream. She wants that somebody else to give her the dream realized, all her failings are because of the responsibilities she undertook but did not want, or because of the coward and common people with which she shares her life.
In the end she makes the last step toward madness in an attempt to free herself of all the stops in her way; she successfully avoids the moment where she should accept she is as common as everybody else.
He is left with the new job and with all the responsibilities. Of course he will have a monotonus life, much the same as his fathers. It is possible, a movie about its life to be more interesting than this one…

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